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This page describes the principal equipment purchases and observation highlights since 1995

Year: | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001
| 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 |
1995-Jan Purchased Meade 8"/F10 LX200 from BCF, London
1995-Jan First Light for LX200 telescope (1995-Jan-23)
(first observing object M42 in Orion)
1995-Feb Galaxies in Ursa Major, Andromeda & Leo
1995-Sep Saturn - Rings edge on
1995-Dec Purchased JMI NGF-S Focuser and Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece
1995-Dec New Moon, (22/23rd Dec 1995)
1995-Dec Purple Skies. Venus looking like a UFO (1995-Dec-29)
1996-Apr Purchased Telrad Sight 
1996-Apr Venus 49% phase 
1996-Apr Hyakutake Comet 
1996-Oct Hale-Bopp Comet in Ophichus
1996-Nov Globular Clusters
1997-Mar Hale-Bopp Comet
1998-Aug Uranus & Neptune
1998-Sep Built Hilltop Roll-Off Observatory
1998-Oct First Light for Hilltop Observatory (1998-Oct-23)
(first observing object NGC 6709)
1998-Nov Transit of Io across Jupiter (1998-Nov-01)
1998-Nov Leonid Fireballs (1998-Nov-17)
1999-Sep Purchased TheSky Level 4 (Vn5) Software
1999-Nov Leonid Meteors (1999-Nov-17/18)
1999-Dec Built initial release of www.richweb.f9.co.uk/astro Web Site
1999-Dec Spotted my first Asteroid (29 Amphritrite), went on to spot 3 more 
2000-Mar Hilltop Observatory dismantled in preparation for move to Dorset, England.
2000-Apr Joined the Wessex Astronomical Society
2000-Oct Commenced planning New Heath Observatory
2001-Jan Learnt about the merits of yyyy-mm-dd date format, 
modified richweb/astro web site accordingly
2001-Feb Built Image Database with a Web frontend
2001-Jun Erected New Observatory
2001-Sep Purchased SBIG ST7e CCD Camera
2001-Nov Imaged Comet C/2000 WM1
2001-Dec Imaged Supernova 2001ib
2001-Dec Revised Image Database format.
2002-Aug First CCD image of Uranus
2002-Sep First CCD image of Neptune
2003-Aug First CCD Image of Pluto
2003-Aug Detailed CCD Image of Mars
2003-Aug Kingcup Observatory dismantled in preparation for move to Aberdeenshire, Scotand
2003-Oct Joined Aberdeen and District Astronomical Society (now Aberdeen Astronomical Society)
2003-Dec Purchased CFW-8 Colour Filter Wheel
2004-Jan Clair Observatory constructed
2004-Feb First Colour CCD Images 
2004-Feb First CCD Image of Venus
2004-Dec Imaged Comet - C/2004 Q2 (Machholz) 
2005-Jan Imaged Horsehead Nebula
2005-Aug Imaged 1992 UY4 making close pass to Earth (~ 16 LD)
2005-Sep Imaged Veil Nebula
2006-Feb Imaged SN2006x in M100
2006-Apr Six fragments of Comet 73/P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 imaged 
(Fragments B, C, G, H, N, R)
2006-May 2 of brightest objects in Hubble Deep Field (North) successfully imaged
2006-May Comet 73/P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 - Fragment B breaking up
2006-Aug Image of Maffei 2 galaxy in IR 
2006-Sep Images of Comet C/2006 M4 (Swan)
2006-Dec Images of two extragalactic novae in M31
2007-Mar First CCD image of Sun 
2007-Mar Total Lunar Eclipse imaged (2007-03-03)
2007-Mar Imaged dwarf planet Haumea (was 2003 EL61)
2007-Apr Imaged large Sunspot 953 
2007-Apr Photographed new moon (3% phase)
2007-Apr Hedgehog visits Observatory
2007-May First photography of Mercury
2007-Oct/Nov Images of comet 17/P Holmes eruption 
2007-Dec Images of Mars at Opposition (2007)
2008-Jan Imaged two supernova in NGC 2770 (SN 2007uy and SN 2008D)
2008-Feb Purchased Optec TCF-S temperature compensating focuser
2008-Mar Imaged jet in M87
2008-Apr Imaged Nova V2491 Cyg  (4 days after discovery) 
2008-Apr Imaged first Star Spectra  using Star Analyser 100 
2008-Oct Recorded flare on EV Lac
2009-Feb Imaged Comet C/2007 N3 Lulin 
2009-Feb Purchased 12" LX200R (ACF) scope & ST-10XME CCD camera
2009-Feb Built & Installed New Sliding Roof to Observatory
2009-Mar First Light Session for new 12" LX200R (ACF) scope (S00356) Notes
2009-May Imaged Hickson 50 galaxy cluster
2009-Jun Noctilucent Cloud display (2009-06-25/26) 
2009-Sep Imaged dwarf planet Eris (was 2003 UB313)
2009-Nov Imaged dwarf planet Makemake (was 2003 UB313)


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