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CCD Images - Session 13 (2001-12-14)

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Bullet Supernova SN 2001ib
Bullet M1 (Crab Nebula)
Bullet Comet C/2000 SV74 (Linear)                                 
Bullet M42                                 
> Notes from CCD Session 13

Supernova SN 2001ib

NGC 7242, with supernova SN 2001ib (Lacerta)
Image shows stars down to Mag +16.5
2001-12-14, 20:55 to 21:05 UT, 
CCD Image, 2 x 5 min (#13016-17)
Image scaling 1.74 arc sec/pixel
NGC 7242 detail, supernova SN2001ib appears as small 
bright star to right of galaxy nucleus.
2001-12-14, 21:28 to 21:43h UT, 
CCD Image, 3 x 5 min (#13018-20)
Image scaling 0.87 arc sec/pixel
NGC 7242 and supernova are both just visible
 in this 30 sec exposure. 
Image shows stars down to Mag +15.5
2001-12-14, 19:44h UT
CCD Image, (#13005)
Image scaling 1.74 arc sec/pixel

SN 2001ib was discovered independently  by two U.K. Supernova hunters, M. Armstrong and R. Arbour, on  Dec. 7.8 2001 in the evening sky .  The discovery location is at: R.A. = 22h15m38s.72, Decl. = +37d17m56.0s (2000.0), which is about 10" west and 1" north of the nucleus of the apparently spiral galaxy NGC 7242.  Discovery Reference IAUC 7768

2001ib NGC 7242 2001 12 07 22 15.6 +37 18 9W 1N 15.3 IAUC 7768 22 15 38.72 +37 17 56.0 IAUC 7768 Ia 2001ib Armstrong; Arbour 

[Info on SN 2001ib :  http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/sn2001/sn2001ib.html  ]

{ my first pass estimated position for the SN in above images is at 22h15m39.0s, 37d17m57.0s (2000) }

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M1 (Crab Nebula)

M1 (Crab Nebula)
2001-12-14, 22:47 to 22:57h UT
2 x 5 min exposure (#13044-5)

CCD Image taken with ST-7E at 2x2 binning, though 8" LX200 
CCD Temperature -25 deg C
Images autoguided on star adjacent to main field of view.
Image Image
False Colour Image
(click on an image for details & larger view)

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Comet C/2000 SV74 (Linear)

Comet C/2000 SV74 was imaged twice during the evening with separation of nearly 2 hours. Comet lay on the border between Cassiopeia and Lacerta.  As at 2001-12-14, the comet was located around 3.74 AU from the Sun, in a position approximately midway between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.   Magnitude was estimated to be around +15.

C/2000 SV74 showing 34 arc sec movement over nearly 2 hours

2001-12-14, 22:13h UT & 2001-12-15, 00:05h UT
CCD Animation, 2 x 5 min exposure (#13030 & 13101)
Image scaling 1.74 arc sec/pixel

C/2000 SV74 
2001-12-14, 22:13h UT 
CCD Animation, 5 min exposure (#13030)
Image scaling 1.74 arc sec/pixel

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M42 (Great Nebula), with Trapezium
2001-12-14, 23:35h UT
CCD Image, 15 sec exposure (#13076)
Mid Range Brightened
False colour

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