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Future Steps - CCD Imaging

Hobby Diary
Hobby Diary

In 1995 I set upon an ambition to combine my interests of Astronomy and Computing and enter the world of CCD Imaging and at some stage make an astronomical discovery.

Steps Completed :
Step 1. Acquire a serious telescope (an LX200)
Step 2. Build an observatory and mount telescope on permanent pier
Step 3. Get good alignment and tracking
Step 4. Acquire astronomical software package with telescope control (TheSky Level IV)
Step 5. Acquire a laptop computer
Step 6. Acquire a CCD Camera (CCD Imaging)

Steps in Progress :
Step 7. Enjoy CCD Astronomical Image Acquisition and Image Processing (first 4 months , 2002 Highlights, Scripting)
Step 9. Commence Colour Imaging / Spectral Imaging

Steps To Go :
Step 8. Make an astronomical discovery 

My original plan was to get a CCD camera first and then later on build an observatory.  However it was through reading Scott Baker's experiences (Baker Observatory) about the continuing effort in hauling out the telescope each session, the extra setup time and difficulty in getting higher precision alignment every time, convinced me that I really should be thinking about building my observatory first and then think about Remote control / CCD Camera later on.

A house move to a relatively light-polluted location in 2000, gave the final justification for the cost of buying a good CCD camera.

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