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CCD Images - Session 11 (2001-11-26)

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Further images of Comet C/2000 WM1 (LINEAR) were taken on the evening of 2001-11-26 with an ST-7e CCD Camera through an 8" LX200 f/10 telescope. An image of NGC 772, a galaxy lying 2 arc degs away was also taken.

Stacked CCD images, 11 x 20s, click on image for more details
Stacked Image - click on image for details

The comet had brightened significantly since images of 2001-11-01, 25 days early. The comet motion relative to background stars was noticeably faster and the comet had developed a tail pointing away from the sun.

Date Calibrated 
Magnitude (m2)
Motion Comments
2001-11-01  +13.2 1.4 arcmin / hour Offset Coma, brighter towards Sun
2001-11-26 +11.2 9.1 arcmin / hour Tail
   (central coma, 
total comet magnitude is 
brighter than this number)
Bullet C/2000 WM1 animation
Bullet C/2000 WM1 images                                          
Bullet NGC 772                                    

C/2000 WM1 Animation

C/2000 WM1 (LINEAR)
2001-11-26, 22:26 to 22:39h UT, 
Animation produced from 10 x 60s CCD images taken over a 13 minute period 
2001-11-26, 22:42 to 22:52h UT, 
Animation produced from  13 x 20s CCD images taken over a 11 minute period.
Comet C/2000 WM1 shows  92 arcsecs of movement over this time.
equivalent to 9.1 arc min/hour 


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C/2000 WM1 Images

C/2000 WM1 (LINEAR)
Two images of C2000 WM1 taken 25 days apart. 
Same exposure length, same display range
The brightening in the comet over the period is very obvious.
Image Image
2001-11-26, 22:38h UT 
60 sec exposure (#11032)
2001-11-01, 22:38h UT 
60 sec exposure (#9008)
Image taken 25 days earlier
2001-11-26, 22:38h UT 
60 sec exposure (#11032)
2001-11-26, 22:38h UT 
60 sec exposure, false colour  (#11032)
CCD Images taken with ST-7E at 1x1 binning, though 8" LX200 
at exposures of 1 minute.
CCD Temperature -20 deg C (except #9008)
Images autoguided on star adjacent to main field of view.

(click on an image for details & larger view)

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NGC 772 - Spiral Galaxy

NGC 772 (Aries)
2001-11-26, 23:05h UT
5 min exposure (#11058)

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