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CCD Images - Session 90 (2005-08-05)

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Objects Session Notes
Bullet HD 209458 (Osiris) - Star with Extra-Solar Planet
Bullet MPL 1992 UY4 (Minor Planet)
Bullet Mars
Bullet M33 - Spiral Galaxy
Bullet Uranus
Bullet MPL 2003 UB313
- F6.3 focal reducer added to optical train, to take system down to around f6.3 (2.62 arc secs per pixel at 2x2 binning).
- BRVI filters added to filter wheel in place of RGB filters
- Objective of session was to check out the updated optical train in preparation for future attempt to detect the extra-solar planet around HD 209458 (next eclipse due on 2005-08-12,   clouds permitting !)
- Acquired reference images of HD 209458 (15s exposure through V Band Filter) 
- Acquired images showing motion of NEO 1992 UY4, which is currently passing close to Earth (approaches to 16 LD on 2005-08-08)
- Attempted to acquire images of new "10th Planet" (2003 UB313), but deteriorating sky conditions prevented getting images with sufficient magnitude reach.
- Sky Conditions Graph 
- More Notes (including Temporary Frost Effect in CCD Camera)

HD 209458 (Osiris) - Star with Extra-Solar Planet

HD 209458 (Pegasus)
(Alt Names : Osiris, HIP 108859, SAO 107623, GSC 1688:1821 )
CCD Colour Composite (LRGB) 
Luminance 20s (C), Red 15s (R), Green 15s, (V),  Blue 30s (B)
2005-08-05  23:17h UT(#90014-18)
HD 209458
(V Filter)
Annotated CCD Image
15 sec exposure (V filter)
2005-08-05  23:19h UT(#90016)
Previous Images : 2002-10-022004-08-20

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MPL 1992 UY4 (Minor Planet)

1992 UY4  (passing through starfield in Aquarius) 
showing 22 arc minutes motion of asteroid over a 70 minute period
CCD Image Montage
Top Left : 120 sec exposure.  Centre : 45 x 20 sec exposures 
(1 min intervals).   Bottom Right  :  9 x 20s exposures
2005-08-05  23:28h UT to 2005-08-06  00:38h UT(#90023-86)
1992 UY4
(Estimated Magnitude +13.1)
CCD Image
20 sec exposure (clear filter)
2005-08-06  00:05 h UT(#90059)
(Click here to show 1 MB Animation)
1992 UY4 Orbital Path
1992 UY4 will approach to 16 LD (Lunar Distance) from Earth on 2005-08-08
It has a diameter of 0.8-1.9 km (physical data)

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Mars - Planet

(84% phase)
CCD Image (1x1 binning) 
0.3 sec exposure, clear filter
2005-08-06  00:41 h UT (#90090)

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M33 - Spiral Galaxy 

M33 (Triangulum)
CCD Image , 
7 x 60 sec exposure (average combine), clear filter
2005-08-06  01:01 h UT (#90094-99)
M33 - Negative Image
CCD Image as above
(Negative Image)

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(2 moons, Umbriel & Oberon, are just visible)
CCD  Image (LRGB)
3x20s (medium combine), C Filter
2005-08-06  01:10 h UT (#90107-09)

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MPL 2003 UB313 Attempt - Kuiper Belt Object

2003 UB313 Attempt
Predicted Position of 2003UB313 marked by red circle. 
Deteriorating sky conditions unfortunately
 limited the magnitude reach of the image to around +16.5 
and gave no hope of being able to see this 19th magnitude 
Kuiper Belt object, which lies at 97 AU distance and 
has recently been proposed as the 10th Planet.
CCD  Image 
2 min exposure, C Filter
2005-08-06  01:10 h UT (#90111)

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