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Telescope Accessories
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CCD Imaging
Bullet Observatory Use
- Preparation
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Observatory Use

Observing Preparation

  1. Define Observing Objectives, Targets and Rough Observing Plan

  2. Update Time on Laptop using Dimension 4 software product (gets time from internet)

  3. Prepare Clothing 

Observing Setup

  1. Connect Power Supply to Observatory

  2. Open Observatory / Open Roll Off Roof

  3. Prepare Telescope (remove cap, add dew tube, connect eyepiece etc)

  4. Prepare Laptop (connect mouse, USB and Lan leads)

  5. Start up Laptop

  6. Loosen Dec Knob, move Telescope Tube to Dec 0 deg. Tight Dec knob
    (tube already at Azimuth 180 deg, from previous Park). 

  7. Switch on Telescope

  8. Open TheSky Program

  9. Open Connection to Telescope

  10. Update Clock Setting on Telescope with Laptop's Time (using TheSky)

  11. Slew Telescope to suitable bright star, centre & sync coordinates

  12. Pull Up Light Shields (if Required)

  13. Observing Session is ready to begin

    If CCD Imaging then

  14. Switch on ST-7 CCD Camera

  15. Open CCDSoft Program

  16. Connect to Camera

  17. Set Temperature Set Point

Observing Shutdown

  1. Slew to suitable bright star, centre & sync coordinates

  2. Slew Telescope to 'Park' Position (Azimuth 180 deg, Alt +5 deg) & immediately shutdown LX200
    If CCD Imaging then

  3. Disconnect ST7 from CCDSoft (allow Temperature to rise)

  4. Switch off ST7

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