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CCD Images - Session 178 (2007-02-28)

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Images (S179)
Objects Session Notes
Bullet Possible Nebula or Light Artifact
Bullet Astrometric & Photometric Monitoring
- HIP 4429 (suspected variable)
- U Gem, (dwarf novae)
- Z And, RZ LMi  (variables)

- HIP 67593 (Nearby Stars)
- NGC 4151 (Seyfert Galaxy)
- 3.8 hr session cut short by deteriorating sky conditions
- CCD operation of -25 degC (at 69% average cooling). .
- the other main objective was to acquire images for photometric monitoring of the variables stars U And, W And, SS Cyg and a suspected variable HIP 4429.
- opportunity was taken to acquire some exploratory images of U Gem, RZ LMi and DV UMa which may be added to future variable star monitoring.
- More Notes

Possible Nebula or Light Artifact

Possible Nebula or Light Artifact from Betelgeuse (Orion) 


CCD Image 
20s exposure, 2x2 binning, C filter,  
2007-02-28 20:40h UT (#178007)

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Astrometric and Photometric Monitoring

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