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CCD Images - Session 177 (2007-02-26)

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Bullet GK Per - Nova (1901)
Bullet Astrometric & Photometric Monitoring
- SS Cyg, U Gem, (dwarf novae)
- HIP 4429 (suspected variable)
- U And, W And (Mira variables)
- Z And, DV UMa, U Mon  (variables)
- BL Lac (BL Lac blazer)
- NGC 4151 (Seyfert Galaxy)
- HH And, DX Cnc, Gliese 412, Groombridge 34,
  Groombridge 1618, Groombridge 1830, 
  Lalande 21185, Wolf 359  (Nearby Stars)
- AXP 1E 2259+586, AXP 4U 0142+615 (AXP stars)

- 5 hr session 
- CCD operation of -25 degC (at 62% average cooling). .
- main objective was to acquire images for photometric monitoring of selected variables stars and astrometric monitoring of selected nearby stars
- opportunity was taken to acquire an improved image of GK Per.
- More Notes

GK Per - Nova (1901)

GK Per (Perseus) 
GK Per is the bright central star which had a nova eruption in 1901. 
A relic shell of material ejected during the eruption was 
the intended target for this image. Unfortunately the nova shell 
is not visible in the image.


CCD Image 
5 x 60s exposure (average combine), 2x2 binning, C filter,  
2007-02-26 20:52h UT (#177132-36)


GK Per - detail


CCD Image (cropped)
5 x 60s exposure (average combine), 1x1 binning, C filter,  
2007-02-26 20:58h UT (#177137-41)

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Astrometric and Photometric Monitoring

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