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CCD Imaging
CCD Imaging
Bullet LX200R - Electrical


LX200R - Electrical

- 12v  (8 x 1.5v Size C batteries)
- input jack requires connector with  5.5mm outer diameter, 2.5mm inner diameter
- center pin positive

 The Power Supply that I use is a AC317 12V IC-Regulated AC Mains Power Supply Unit, 1200mA 
 The end of wire from the 12V DC Supply has two female holes which connect to two male pins at the end of conventional circular plug adapter.
 Whilst this allows the supply to deliver to both products needed center pin positive and center pin negative, it 
 is vital that LX200 GPS / R scope receives its input with center pin positive
 There is a danger of connecting the pins the 'wrong way' around, if taken apart.  In case of this the following
  information tells me which way the pins need to be inserted :

Arrow on Supply End of lead goes opposite the


****  Take photo and place here ......

  The non-volatile memory is retained using a "coin" battery—a Sony CR2032 3v lithium

   LX200 Classic used 18v supply and should not be used with LX200GPS or LX200R/LX200ACF scopes. I assume that the Classic required center pin positive supply (Check)
  Battery power can not be used unless the power input jack is removed 

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Asteroid or residual periodic error

A series of images of the near earth passing minor planet MPL 2006 VV2 were taken on 2007-04-01. Stacked image and animated sequence of images are shown below. It was noted at the time that the minor planet's path appeared to wobble, yet it was clearly evident that this could not have been an actual wobble or rotation in the minor planet.  Although relatively close to Earth, the minor planet is still much too far distant for any wobble/rotation to be observed

Although the possibility of a periodic error effect was considered the true cause of the wobble effect remained a bit of a mystery until it was decided to make a simulated picture of minor planet's apparent path assuming a residual periodic error of +/-2.5 arc secs for the LX200 scope.  There is a very similar pattern of wobble between the simulation and actual images, proving beyond reasonable doubt that the observed wobble was due to residual periodic error in the scope's tracking.

See notes & pictures at Re-Analysis of images of MPL 2006 VV2 taken 2007-04-01 (S187) - Simulated Trace with Periodic Error

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