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CCD Images - Session 383 (2009-08-10)

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Bullet NGC 6712 - Globular Cluster
Bullet Photometric Monitoring - Variables
- U And, W And, Z And,  R CrB, AM CVn, CI Cyg, SS Cyg
- AM Her, SS Her, U Her, BL Lac, DY per, GK Per, 
- U Sge, V Sge, ER UMa, SU UMa
Bullet Photometric Monitoring - Nearby Stars
- Barnards Star, 61 Cyg, Gliese 412, 
- Groombridge 1618, Groombridge 1830
- Night time session (3.1 hrs). Generally clear sky. Moon in East/SouthEast Sky. 
Rather poor seeing, becoming very poor towards end of session
- Operated in partly observatory under semi-automated control with remainder under semi-automated control with remote monitoring.
- Ambient Temperature  Initially 13 deg C falling rapidly to 9 deg C 
- CCD operation -20 degC (at 73% average cooling).  
- main objective of the session was to acquire images of key selected stars for ongoing photometric and astrometric analysis. 

NGC 6712 - Globular Cluster

NGC 6712 (Scutum)


CCD Image (50% size reduction)
4 x 30s sec exposure (average combine), 3x3 binning, C Filter
2009-08-10 23:01 h UT (#383100-03)
12" LX200R  (at f/5.7) + ST-10XME

NGC 6712 - detail


CCD Image (100% size, cropped )
Image details as above

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