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CCD Images - Session 197 (2007-05-14)

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Images (S198)
Objects Session Notes
Bullet Comet C/2007 E2 (Lovejoy)
Bullet HAT-P-2 , Parent Star to Exosolar Planet
Bullet Astrometric & Photometric Monitoring
- U Her, U And (Mira variables)
- SS Cyg (Dwarf Nova)
- And Z, ER UMa, UX UMa
- BL Lac (Blazar)

- Ross 248 (HH And), Groombridge 34 (Nearby Stars)
- 2.6 hr session
- CCD operation of -20 degC (at 58% average cooling). .
- main objective was to acquire images of selected variable stars and nearby stars for photometric and astrometric  monitoring.
- secondary objective was to acquire further baseline images of the exosolar planet host stars, HAT-P-2
- opportunity was taken to take a set of images of Comet C/2007 E2 (Lovejoy)
- More Notes

Comet C/2007 E2 (Lovejoy)

C/2007 E2 (Lovejoy), 
(passing through star field in Draco) 


CCD Image 
5 x 60s, 2x2 binning, C Filter
Linear Scale
2007-05-15 01:31hUT (#197129-33)

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Astrometric and Photometric Monitoring

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