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CCD Images - Session 66 (2004-08-20)

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Images (S67)
Bullet Notes from CCD Session
Bullet M57 Planetary Nebula
Bullet C/2001 HT50 Comet
Bullet SAO 125474
Bullet HD 209458 (Osiris)  

Notes (S00066)

- Imaging session was with a focal reducer bringing 8" f/10 LX200 to f/7. 
- Images were recorded with ST7 CCD camera. Filter Wheel with CBVRI filters
- Seeing was moderate.
- 5 hour session  
- Dry run for HD 209458 Extra-Solar Planet Transit Detection (more notes)

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M57 (Ring Nebula) - Planetary Nebula 

M57 (Lyra) 
CCD  Image, 4 x 15 sec exposure (average), C filter
2004-08-20  22:20 h UT (#66014-17)

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C/2001 HT50 Comet

C/2001 HT50 (passing through star field in Pegasus)
CCD  Image, 5x60 sec exposure (average combine)
Clear Filter
2004-08-20  22:10 to 22:18 h UT (#66065-69)
CCD  Animation,  5 sets of 3x60 sec exposure (median combine)
Taken over 3 hours
2004-08-20  23:10  to 2004-08-21 02:08h UT (#66065-69)

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SAO 125474 - star 

SAO 125474  (Aquila)
CCD  Image, 15 sec exposure ( Clear Filter)
2004-08-20  21:54 h UT (#66005)

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 HD 209458 (Osiris) - star to extra-solar planet system

HD 209458 has a transiting Jupiter mass short period extrasolar planet.(HD 209458-b). Every 3.5 days, the planet produces a dimming of the star of 1.7 % that lasts for about 3 hours. The dimming has been detected by Castellano and Laughlin

A sequence of images of HD 209458 were taken through V and R filters. These were later processed in order to understand my magnitude measurement precision and indicate whether I would be likely to detect dimming in the star associated with a future transit of its planet. See Analysis of Images.

HD 209458  (Pegasus)
CCD  Image, 60 sec exposure ( Clear Filter)
2004-08-20  22:42h UT (#66031)

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