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Latest Solar Wind

(www.sec.noaa.gov): The more the dials are in the red, the more likely aurora will be visible. However, dials in the yellow can still produce visible activity from Aberdeen (Explanation of the dials).

Current Auroral Map




Planterary Kp Index


Current Geomagnetic activity 

Magnetometer readings can provide an indication of ongoing geomagnetic activity.

Graph to left shows real-time data for today from SAMNET's magnetometer 
near Aberdeen. 

The graph shows the North-South (H) component of the magnetic field as a black line, with a typical quiet day shown in blue. The difference between the current field and a quiet day is plotted as a colour-coded bar chart: green for quiet, orange for active and red for stormy.

Times are in UT.

Current Status

Credit : Aurora Watch :  [ http://www.dcs.lancs.ac.uk/iono/aurorawatch/ ]

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