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CCD Images - Session 560 (2014-01-11)

Objects Session Notes
Bullet NGC 7331 - Spiral Galaxy with SN 2014C
Bullet PGC 100170 - Galaxy (Dwingeloo 1)  
Bullet Photometric Monitoring - Variables
- RX And, U And, W And, Z And, TT Ari, FS Aur, KR Aur, CV CMi, CI Cyg, SS Cyg, U Gem, RZ LMi, CN Ori, CZ Ori, FO Ori, FU Ori, NV Ori, DY Per, GK Per, RR Tau, ER UMa

BL Lac attempt (failed)
Bullet Astrometric Monitoring - Nearby Stars
- Ross 248 (HH And), DX Cnc, 61 Cyg, Groombridge 34, Teegardens Star
- Evening session (5.7 hrs duration).  
Moderately clear and calm conditions
- Session operated under semi-automated control, with remote monitoring from indoors computer.  
- Ambient Temperature:  -2.5 degC minimum
- CCD operation -30 degC (at 86% average cooling).  


NGC 7331 - Spiral Galaxy with SN 2014C

NGC 7331 / Caldwell 30 with SN 2014C (Pegasus) SN 2014C (Type Ib) was discovered 2014/01/05.090 by Lick Observatory Supernova Search (USA).
(Rochester Supernova site | Discovery Image )

The image below (2014/01/11.87) was taken 6.8 days after discovery when 
the supernova was at estimated magnitude +14.7.
The supernova is indicated by the white markers.
CCD Image (linear scale, cropped)
2 x 120s exposure (average combine), 3x3 binning, C Filter
2014-01-11 20:55 h UT  (#560119-20)
12" LX200R  (at f/10.4) + ST-10XME
NGC 7331 - Earlier Image before SN  ( 2010-08-07)
CCD Image (linear scale, cropped)
60s exposure (single frame), 3x3 binning, C Filter
2010-08-07 22:26 hUT (#421125)
12" LX200R  (at f/9.7) + ST-10XME

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Dwingeloo 1 (PGC 100170) - Spiral Galaxy,


PGC 100170 / Dwingeloo 1 (Cassiopeia)
 Nearby Galaxy distance 9.1 mly (part of Maffei Group)

Central core of the galaxy is just detectable at centre of image
(two large spiral arms are too faint to be seen)
Dwingeloo 1 was only recently discovered in 1994
CCD Image (cropped)
5 x 180s exposure (average combine), 3x3 binning, I Filter
2014-01-23 20:54 h UT (#560333-38)
12" LX200R  (at f/10.4) + ST-10XME
PGC 100170 - Earlier Image
Bright star in bottom left is the double star Struve 321 
(components Mag +9.1 & +10.1, separation 19 arc sec)
CCD Image (cropped)
4 x 120s exposure (average combine), 3x3 binning, I Filter
2009-12-26 20:01h UT (#408152-55)
12" LX200R  (at f/5.7) + ST-10XME
Comparison of images of PGC 100170
Image through 12" LX200R
Aberdeenshire, UK
 Image from a big telescope at
Isaac Newton Telescope Group, 
La Palma, Spain
Image Image
  CCD Image
Slightly smoothed, Alternate
Black/White adjustment
Image details as above
12" LX200R  (at f/5.7) + ST-10XME
Image by S. Hughes & S. Maddox 
(IoA, Cambridge) et al.,
 Astronomy Picture of the Day, 2000 January 9
image at apod.nasa.gov
details at apod.nasa.gov 
Isaac Newton Telescope

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