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CCD Images - Session 556 (2013-11-27)

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Objects Session Notes
Bullet Variable Stars
Bullet Photometric Monitoring - Variables
- SS Cyg, BL Lac, DY Per, GK Per

(SS Cyg, BL Lac attempts failed due to cloud/poor transparency)
Bullet Astrometric Monitoring - Nearby Stars
- None
- Session in two parts
S556a  2013-11-24  
 - TPoint Mapping / Polar Alignment Check
S556b 2013-11-27  
- Imaging/Slewing Checks & Tracking Rate Checks
- 2013-11-27  Late Evening session (0.9 hrs duration).  Poor sky transparency
- Session operated under semi-automated control, with remote monitoring from indoors computer.  
- Ambient Temperature:  3.0 degC minimum
- CCD operation -25 degC (at 68% average cooling).  
- main objectives of the combined session was to continue preparations towards an effective  return to imaging, concentrating on the following
- TPoint Mapping
- Polar Alignment Check & adjustment (* see note)
 - BVR imaging of selected variables (including a test of slewing accuracy with TPoint model running)
 - tracking rate and adjustment

*  Polar Alignment adjustment was not able to be performed due to deteriorating  sky conditions 
- Notes 2013-11-27

Variable Stars

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