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CCD Images - Session 277 (2008-03-14)

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Objects Session Notes
Bullet NGC 4490 - Spiral Galaxy with Supernovae 2008ax
Bullet U Mon - RVB variable
Bullet Astrometric & Photometric Monitoring
- U Gem (dwarf nova)
- Z And, KR Aur, AQ CMi, CV CMi, SY Cnc, U Mon, FU Ori, DY Per (variables)

RX And, RZ LMi attempts (S/N too low)

- Mid Evenining Session (2.6hr).  
Temperature +2.0 deg C
- CCD operation of -20 degC 
(at 61% average cooling). 
- main objective was to acquire images of certain selected stars for ongoing astrometric analysis, in particular RX And, Z And 

NGC 4490 - Spiral Galaxy & Supernovae 2008ax

NGC 4490 with SN 2008ax (Canes Venatici)
2008ax (Type II) was discovered 2008/03/03.45 by LOSS; Koichi Itagaki
Magnitude at discovery +16.1 (C)
(Rochester Supernova site | LOSS Discovery Image
 | Itagaki Discovery Image | Reference Image)

Image below (2008-03-14.92) was taken 11.5 days after discovery.
SN 2008ax - Estimated Magnitude +14.0 (C)

Annotated CCD Image
7 x 120s exposure (average combine), 2x2 binning, C Filter 
2008-03-08 22:00 hUT (#273136-42)

Earlier Image of NGC 4490 & SN 2008ax
[ 2008-03-08.03, Estimated Magnitude +15.2 (C) ]

Annotated CCD Image
7 x 120s exposure (average combine), 2x2 binning, C Filter 
2008-03-08 00:48 hUT (#273136-42)


Earlier Image of NGC 4490 (Pre-SN)

CCD Image
5 x 180s exposure (average combine), 2x2 binning, C Filter
2006-12-20 06:30h UT (#167511-15)

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U Mon  - RVB variable

Light Curve for U Mon  (Monoceros)
BVR measurements from late 2007 to 2008-03-14 


U Mon - reference stars
CCD Image 
10s exposure, 2x2 binning, V filter,  
2007-02-04 21:22h UT (#174224)
[ more images and light curves for U Mon ]

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Astrometric and Photometric Monitoring

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