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CCD Images - Session 222 (2007-10-19)

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Images (S223)
Objects Session Notes
Bullet NGC 7721 - Spiral Galaxy with Supernova 2007le
Bullet S Cyg - Mira variable
Bullet NGC 7448 - Spiral Galaxy (ARP 13)
Bullet Astrometric & Photometric Monitoring
- SS Cyg (Dwarf Nova)
- BL Lac (Blazar)
- U And, W And, U Her (Mira variables)
- Z And (variable)
- Barnard's Star, Groombridge 34, HH And  (Nearby Stars)
- Evening session (2.9hr)
CCD operation of -15 degC (at 63% average cooling). 
- main objective of the session was to acquire an images of selected stars for ongoing astrometric and photometric studies
- opportunity was also taken to acquire images of two ARP galaxy in Pegasus for a new gallery collection, and a recent supernova (2007le) in NGC 7721 in Aquarius

NGC 7721 - Spiral Galaxy with Supernova 2007le

NGC 7721 (Aquarius) with SN 2007le
2007le is a Type 1a Supernova discovered 2007/10/13.79 by Berto Monard at mag +15.2
(Rochester Supernova site | Discovery Image | Reference Image)

Image below (2007-10-19.87) was taken 6.1 days after discovery. 
Measured magnitude +13.8

Annotated CCD Image
5 x 120s exposure (average combine), 
2x2 binning, C Filter, Linear brightness scaling
2007-10-19  20:54 hUT (#222130-34)
 NGC 7721 with SN 2007le - detail
CCD Image (200% size)
Square root brightness scaling
Image details as above
 NGC 7721 - detail
False colour CCD Image
Square root brightness scaling, False colour (inverse spectrum)
Image details as above

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S Cyg - Mira variable

S Cyg (Cygnus)

S Cyg is a mira variable with catalog period of 322.93 days 
and magnitude range of +9.3 to +16.0.

Baseline images were acquired in C, B, V, R & I filters


Annotated CCD Image
3 x 20s exposure (average combine), 2x2 binning, C Filter 
2007-10-19 21:15 hUT (#222147-49)


S Cyg - Reference Stars Used


Annotated CCD Image
30s exposure, 2x2 binning, V Filter 
2007-10-19 21:20 hUT (#222153)

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NGC 7448 - Spiral Galaxy (ARP 13)

NGC 7448 / ARP 13 (Pegasus)

CCD Image
4 x 3 min exposure (average combine), 2x2 binning, C Filter
2007-10-19 21:35 hUT (#222166-69)

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Astrometric and Photometric Monitoring

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