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Aurora on night  2014-12-02 /  2014-12-03

Aurora Notes
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- Aurora display visible between 01:00 and 02:30h UT
- Display affected by clouds, moonlight and light artifacts


 - all sky video for whole night 2014-12-02 / 2014-12-03
 - 30s exposures taken with Oculus All Sky Camera


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Panoramic View looking north,
2014-12-02 18:19h UT (frame #169100)
weak auroral arc visible, (ignore artifact from moonlight
  Panorama views converted from original fish eye images
30s exposures taken with Oculus All Sky Camera
Fisheye View, near peak of auroral activity
2014-12-02 18:19h UT (frame #169100)

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Night Summary Plot

Night Summary Plot (2014-12-02 to 2014-12-03)
Times on plot are GMT times (=UT)
Aurora can be seen in northern sky between 01:30h and 04:00h

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